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Steve’s New Young Adult Science Fiction Novel to be published in September 2019 by Rogue Phoenix Press


The Traveler

Tenobius isn’t like anyone Argus had ever met in his years as a kid living on the streets of Imperial Rome. At first, like everyone who met him, he thought Tenobius was just another crazy man, but the stranger with the strange eyes and the metal teeth who didn’t speak proper Latin said he was just lost, and wanted to find his way home. With Argus’ help he gathers together unlikely ingredients — sawdust and leather scraps, old cloth and honey, and starts to make incredible things. Things almost as amazing as his disc with flashing rainbow colors, made of a substance no one has ever seen. Or his black box with a needle that moves by itself and tells him if the other things he is making will work. All Tenobius wants is to make the parts he needs to repair his Dreamship and return home.


What would you do if your Time Machine had broken down, stranding you in the past, and you knew that no one would be coming to rescue you? Could you repair the electronic parts of your time machine, using only what you could find or construct for yourself in Imperial Rome? The Traveler tells this story, a mix of L. Sprague de Camp’s Lest Darkness Fall, Mark Twain’s A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, and Andrew Weir’s The Martian, through the eyes of Argus, a boy living on the Roman streets, who is fascinated by Temobius, even if he has no idea what he is trying to do.

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