Sandbows and Black Lights

A new book on Weird Optics released March 1 2021

The Sequel to How the Ray Gun Got Its Zap!

Available from Oxford University Press

Also available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble

“These are original essays on a unique range of optics-related topics, written by a veteran opf the industry who has a bent for odd and interesting stories….It’s a fun book for curious minds.”

—Jeff Hecht, author of Lasers, Death Rays, and the Long Strange Quest for the Ultimate Weapon

“For nearly twenty years Steve Wilk has been bringing his combination of historical excavation, pop culture, optical savvy, and quirky humor to the “Light Touch” column….on subjects ranging from X-ray glasses to the vampre-slayingefficacy of ultraviolet light. It’s an entertaining and instructive read.”

— Stewart Wills, editor of Optics and Photonics News for The Optical Society