Murder Ink 2 Released

Murder Ink 2 has been released, with stories by 16 authors, including myself. It’s edited by Dan SzCzesny, and published by George Geers at Plaidswede Press of Concord, NH:

That Murder Music — Victor Infante

The Power of the Press — Brendan Dubois

The Whole Story — Adi Rule

Murder at Channel Ten — Gregory L. Norris

The Moulton Solution — S.J. Cahill

Obituary Mambo — O. Lucio d’Arc

Kittery Killers Club — Amy Ray

Bitter Pills — Judith Janoo

Making the Transition — Jeff Deck

Hashtag “Splat!” — Mark Arsenault

The Devil’s Tale — Dan Rothman

The Confession of Mike Reardon — Patrick Sullivan

Three Down — Jonathan Dubey

Unexpected — Stephen R. Wilk

The Werewolf Murders — Karen and Roxanne Dent

Obit Desk — Robin Baskerville

I have to admit, despite having two books and numerous stories published (and 38 years’ worth of nonfiction articles), this was my first Launch Party. We all read 4 minutes from our works, and it was well-received.


I’ve added some articles to my Pop Culture page, and intend to add several more. Lately these have been on Movie Monsters — vampires and (soon) werewolves. Then I want to put in a bit about Atlantis, the Lost Continent in Pop Culture. Hope you enjoy






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